$100,000 (fixed-up resale value) * 70% – $10,000 (repairs) – $8,000 (your wholesale fee) = $52,000 (max offer) Podcast – Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor The listing agent has only to list the properties for sale and so it is much easier a job than that of buyer’s agent. However, the success of a listing agent will depend on his or her ability to work with more home sellers. I like sending a hand-written note of gratitude after finishing my first project with a new client. Like that, they see a bit of extra special attention sent their way. Kurt Westfield, Founder and President, WC Companies Previous Post20 Things I've Never Told You Gabriel Bustamante on May 12, 2018 9:22 pm If a home sold 20 miles away, it’s likely not close enough. If a home sold with four bedrooms and your potential deal has 2 bedrooms, it’s likely not similar enough. If a home sold in terrible condition, it’s likely not similar enough because you are looking for the “after repair value” — in other words, the home in good condition. Danny Johnson on July 1, 2017 at 2:53 pm Stearns Lending (5) Damon T Mulligan on April 9, 2018 at 10:57 pm Dave Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur and real estate investor.He is passionate about marketing, flipping houses, and running.He believes anyone can design a life around their grandest goals, dreams and passions by rising above their limitations and achieving true freedom for themselves and their families. You don’t need to invest in real estate to begin making money from it. There are many paths that will help you earn income while you learn and grow, in preparation for when you are prepared to jump in and begin investing. Wholesale Property What does a wholesale deal look like? Juan says: 2. Please send us a $______ deposit by 5:00pm today via wire transfer. 7. Work As A Broker Very Well Put Dan Hi Juliet, Nice to hear about other Johannesburg people active on Bigger Pockets. I’ve been here a while mainly listening to the podcasts, and preparing my strategy. Have already got a 16 unit property but looking for more. What part of JHB are you in ? looking to meet up with other investors to share info. I haven’t figured out how wholesaling works in SA yet ! Good luck, see you around. The best cash buyers are individuals who have bought similar properties for cash recently in the same area. But how do you find them? REGULATION FOR ALL CHECK OUT Fixing and flipping homes is great. Rental property investing, and private lending is good too. We need all of these players in the marketplace. In fact, one day you may have all of these real estate investment strategies in your mix and portfolio. But there are clear advantages of reverse wholesaling. It is one of the easiest and most hyper-effective ways to get started in real estate, and is a smart staple for active investors in other niches who need to keep fueling their business with cash. January 30, 2015 at 11:59 am Advertise with Us You're planning to sell the contract to someone else and then THEY are going to buy it outright. iOS Shelby Corkran Rose Jones Real Estate Agent REO and BPO Starter Kit November 6, 2014 at 11:56 am Thousands of Jeffrey Gibbs on May 10, 2018 8:39 pm Investing Glossary I’ll stop my sales pitch, because I just lost many of you. While you may not be interested in spending money on virtual real estate, there are hundreds of thousands who play online video games and would jump at the opportunity. Martin Presence - Property Management Monroe on July 13, 2015 3:35 am Boston, MA (11) Do you use the same contract for your motivated seller as well as your end buyer? It sound scary sometimes but I am falling in love with the chasing process that you guys mentioned above, at least I understand its not easy but off course its possible. Ready Investor One Move forward a few months, and still nothing under contract . . . but I kept at it! Action is the main reason we move forward . . . (or not). Hi Marcus, What They Don’t Tell You About Wholesaling Houses All-Time Even if you’re currently doing good to meet your employer 401k match at the moment and also have an extra $100 to spare each month, you can make money investing in real estate. Once Homeless to a $40,000 Payday Flipping Houses With No Cash or Credit | Wholesaling Real Estate28:39 3. Real Estate Crowdfunding Add to Cart So let's deduct one month's rent of $1,500 from our Gross Scheduled Rent above. May 2017 Real Estate Audios I agree with much of the sentiment in the other answers, but one thing which hasn’t been covered is development. wholesale real estate seminar|wholesale real estate ohio wholesale real estate seminar|wholesale real estate forum wholesale real estate seminar|wholesale real estate montreal
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