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One thing the calculator can not do for you is to determine the ARV, which is the most important number in the entire math process. Every single number is subtracted from this figure, so it must be accurate to continue.
What’s this? Cash buyers are typically house flippers, but they might also be local rental property investors as well. Everyone is looking for a good deal these days, and a lot of people have the cash to make it happen if you can find them the deal.
Explore… Thanks for the interesting article. I’ve read quite a few of yours and listened to some of your podcasts. There is so much content that I’m not sure if this question has been answered elsewhere: Is there was another option for getting rental properties when you don’t make 75k a year, you can’t put a lot of money down, but more importantly where you don’t have to move every year?
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John McGonigle on June 7, 2016 1:15 am You really broke it down for a novice like myself so thank you for that. However, I still have questions before I do my leap of faith and build up my confidence.
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Buy Used How To Report a Bad Landlord or Slumlord in MD For Housing Code Violations – Mold, Bedbugs, Flooding Where can I find a copy of the Assignment Agreement you use?
(Thanks for the Article Brandon . . . great content as always). Any resources for learning more? I would love to work this on the side of my day job, and potentially turn it into something full time. I’ve always been fascinated by real estate investing.
Mark Padolsky Mobile Home Parks (Buy with seller financing, fix it up, fill the vacancies, then either sell for a profit or collect a lot of cash every month.)
HouseFlippingHQ.com/yo – get a free gift for YoPro Nation! Avoiding the Personal Property Securities Register Quicksand5:17 Yes, wholesalers get a bad rap but it’s not because they’re making $5,000 on a deal it’s because they’re trying to make $20,000 on a house that’s being sold to them for $20,000 and they’re trying to do some sneaky stuff to hide that from both sides.
41:18 Solutions November 2016 Save $12.00 (48%) by Thomas Lucier (Author) However, you must have an interest in the property before you sell it. In general, a contract to purchase property gives the buyer an equitable interest in the land. 27A Am. Jur. 2d Equitable Conversion § 10. Thus, if you have an interest in the property, you are basically exempt from the licensing regulations in these states.
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April 2017 (1) And assigning a contract is in no way like giving your new bride to another man. If the seller is surprised that you are looking to profit from the transaction, you have not set expectations properly. When I work with sellers, I repeatedly tell them that I intend to make a profit off the transaction. I also tell them that I don’t know what my end strategy for the property will be. I tell them that I may flip it, I may rent it, or I may assign my contract to someone else. In addition to those discussions, I let them know in writing. That way there are no surprises and no hard feelings.
It depends on your preferences, and whether you are vegetarian, whether you are allergic, how full you already are, and so on.
Related: What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)? Starting a Business Here is a nice graphic from one of our presentations that provides a nice overview:
It’s An Ongoing Education 141: How to Find and Manage Great Contractors35:41 The most important real estate wholesale contract is the assignment contract because it states the assignment of ownership rights of the property to someone else without actually passing the ownership of the property from the seller to the wholesaler. When working on a wholesale contract, it is important that all the essential parts of an assignment contract are present.  The seller and the buyer can also add their own stipulations and terms to the contract, but these are the most necessary components to ensure completeness of the details of the contract.
Making money out of any real estate transaction is the fun part, but before the investor gets to the fun part, they have to get through the serious stuff first. One of the trickiest parts of ensuring that the wholesale deal is a success is by making sure that the contract is in order.
Economics Basics $65,000 (50) Brandon, this is great info for us out of state (actually out of country) investors. Having done what you call a guru’s course, you’re right, they do tell you to start off with wholesaling and to build your buyers’ list. Trying to build the list from a distance, while still learning the process, is hard work, but I do love trying to find the deals. That’s where networking comes in and I’m trying to build up my relationships so I can make this whole real estate investing thing work – and Bigger Pockets is one of the best resources I’ve found so far!
Assigning contracts is honestly a stupid business model. I’m sorry to put it out there like that, but it’s true. You’re welcome Brian – and best of luck as you’re getting started! You can do it!
I always find that visual aids are helpful, so here’s my best attempt at showing you another representation of how the process works:

THE WHOLE TRUTH OF WHOLESALING HOUSES Investment Reports From Our Blog Conditions of Use
My man Brandon, you constructed a nice article again. You demonstrated creative flexibility and fluency that are valuable characteristic for an investor to possess.
December 19, 2016 at 8:40 pm Abdul Kaffo on March 23, 2018 2:08 pm Who doesn’t need a cash flow? I think you must choose a property where rent gives you a huge amount of holding costs. Real Estate is unpredictable where certain property products offer brilliant cash flow. This is a kind of extra money which you can get it through rent. This extra money you can use in other areas of your life.
Once you have a little bit of a track record, you can also reach out to private money lenders. That has come in handy for me over the years, when my capital has been tied up in other properties.
5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars That’s a great one, thanks for adding that… I’ll check out the post.
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FredC on September 19, 2012 5:17 pm Brandon, I think you just wrote the definitive article/post on real estate investing of all time. I cant imagine how long it took you – I am getting tired just thinking about that….
These documents were designed to work with land, but they can be used for houses too. There may be some items pertaining to houses that aren’t included in these documents – but they can still check the box in most instances (we tried to make them as plyable as possible when we created them).
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